dr geoff warburton


this is the website for the work of dr geoff warburton. geoff helps people to love themselves exactly as they are. geoff’s approach synthesises modern in-depth psychology, movement meditation, eastern wisdom traditions, neuroscience and personal experience.

prescription for black dog days

recent article for holstee about how curiosity can be the best companion for depression

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walking ourselves home:

an inward journey

finding inner peace involves an act of rebellion

but no one gets hurt on this journey

read more in geoff’s recent article for holstee about how to discover the true home for your heart

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the return to lovability

lovability is a state, not an attribute. If we find ourselves trying to effect our lovability, we have lost contact with this state.

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find your fluidity

coordinating our mind and bodies by embracing agitation

an experience of stillness can emerge when we embrace our fluid nature

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